Best VPN Services

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, gives you an added layer of security and privacy when you connect to the internet. A VPN allows you to use the internet in a private manner by passing all of your traffic through a remote location that can not be traced back to you. Millions of people have started to use VPN services in order to bypass country blocks, mask their personal IP addresses, and generally block their internet activity from being logged.

A good VPN service will do multiple things for you. When looking for the best VPN company you’ll want to ask the following:

  • 1. Does the company keep any logs? The best VPN providers won’t keep any logs of your activity whatsoever. Part of a VPN being private is making sure that there is no activity that can be tracked to your personal IP address
  • 2. What country do they operate from? Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding what information must be logged/saved.
  • 3. Do they monitor traffic? Simply put, you want a VPN company that won’t monitor individual traffic. Part of using a VPN is making sure that your traffic isn’t shown or saved anywhere.
  • 4. Are there any bandwidth restrictions? A good VPN company won’t have any bandwidth restrictions. This is especially important for people who want to use a VPN to use Netflix or other bandwidth intensive services. You don’t want to be shut down in the middle of watching your favorite movie.
  • 5. Can I connect multiple devices at the same time? This is for those of you who will be using your VPN account on multiple devices. You don’t want to have to go through the hassle of disconnecting your computer before connecting to your tablet or smartphone.

There are, of course, more questions that you may want to ask depending on how you plan to use the VPN, but these are good general starting questions for anyone. Based on these, and based on our extensive testing, our VPN recommendations can be found below.

VPNVantage Logo Visit VPNVantage provides everything you’d need in a VPN company and they do it at a cheaper price than most. They are based in the U.S. which means they have no traffic log requirements. They also don’t have any bandwidth restrictions so you won’t have to worry about staying under a certain amount of traffic. Their VPN service is the cheapest we’ve found at only $2.95/month. for a 1 year commitment. They don’t have as large of a VPN network as some other companies which is most likely the reason for why their service is less expensive.


torguard logo Visit TorGuard is pretty significantly more expensive than other VPN options, but they do have a huge network of servers for you to choose from. They also have a variety of other services, including private email and an anonymous proxy that you can choose from. Their VPN service is similar to VPNVantage in that they allow up to 5 connections, have unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 support. Their VPN prices start at $9.99/month


ipvanish logo Visit IPVanish, like TorGuard, has an extensive server network, which makes them one of the more expensive options as far as VPN services go. Their number of servers leave you with no shortage with choices, and gives you the ability to switch on the fly if you’re experiencing issues with one of the servers. IPVanish only allows 3 connections at any given time, so if you want to connect more devices than that you will have to disconnect others, first. This can prove to be a bit of a hassle, especially if those connected devices aren’t nearby. Still, IPVanish offers a good, reliable VPN service, and being based in the U.S. allows them to not have to keep any logs whatsoever. Their VPN services start at $6.49/month with a 1 year commitment.


What is an SSL Certificate?

If you’re running a business website then chances are you’ve come across the idea of getting an SSL certificate. You may even already have one installed on your website. But do you actually know what an SSL certificate does and how it protects you and your visitors?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate provides security for online communications, specifically those between your visitors and your website. It allows the visitor to make a secure connection with the server to make sure that no third party can intercept the information that’s being transferred, which is what makes it so important for business websites to have. Without it, hackers could easily get credit card information that a customer would be sending to you to purchase products or services, login information for a bank account, or any other information they may want.

How does it work? When a person tries to connect to a website with an SSL certificate there is what’s called an “SSL handshake” that happens right at the beginning of the connection. The person’s browser will request that the server send the SSL certificate key, which is used to encrypt and decrypt the data that is being transferred. The browser will verify that the key is valid and trusted. After this takes place all of the data that is sent between the browser and the server is encrypted, and only the browser and the computer have the ability to decrypt it using the key that was sent.

Think of it as a code that you and a friend may have had as kids. You write what you want your friend to know in that code, and only your friend knows how to read it because he understands that code. Nobody else who tries to intercept the note will be able to read it because they don’t know what the code is.

WordPress, now more than a blogging tool.

WordPress, at one point in time, was simply a script that people used to blog. It was very simple, basic, and easy to use. Now, while it’s still simple and easy to use, it is far from basic. WordPress has transcended blogging and can now be used as a platform for almost any website. There are an unlimited amount of templates and plugins available that will allow you to make seemingly any website you can think of. Here are a few reasons why you should consider WordPress for your next website project.

1. Ease of use

WordPress has been built around being easy to use for a person of any skill level. Whether you are a coding master or a first timer, WordPress has tools that will allow you to easily get the most out of the platform. You don’t need to know any coding or be an html expert to get a website up and running. Their interface and template based designs make it simple to create professional websites.

2. Customization

With the sheer amount of templates and plugins available there are an infinite number of ways you can customize your website. WordPress has a huge community of skilled individuals who make these plugins and templates. Many of them are totally free for you to use. For advanced users you can also edit any WordPress file to your liking. That is the upside of open source software, you have the freedom to do whatever it is you want and are capable of.

3. Support System

The large community also is a great source of support for any issues you may be having. With so many people using WordPress, chances are whatever problem you come across has already been solved by a member of the community. WordPress has an extensive support forum where you can search seemingly any issue.

WordPress has truly become a complete web builder, not just a blogging tool. Consider using it for your next project and you’ll surely be surprised at everything you can accomplish.

Cheap Web Hosting Isn’t Everything

Everybody wants a deal. I understand that. I also understand that most people don’t have hundreds of extra dollars every month to spend on hosting a website. However, if you value your website like you do your business then you should not make a web hosting decision based solely on cost. Cheap web hosting, while a viable option for personal, low traffic websites, might not be the best option for your business web page.

Your business website should first corner around being reliable. A business website is a 24/7 storefront where customers are going to be attempting to access your products, services, and business information. If you choose a host based on cost instead of reliability you may find your website down quite often. This means that potential customers can’t get what they’re looking for from you and end up going somewhere else. This could end up costing you a lot more in the long run than the money you saved on your web hosting.

Cheap web hosting also has a tendency of being very limited in terms of resources; Not necessarily disk space or bandwidth, but in terms of CPU and memory use. If your website ends up being as popular as you hope, you will eventually start using up more than your fair share of these resources. Cheap web hosts have to put more customers on a server which means you get a very small amount of these resources. If you start using too much your website will get shut down, meaning your customers can’t access it. Again, another area where you could potentially lose money.

This isn’t to say that cheap web hosts are bad. They certainly have their place in the market, especially for small personal websites or start-ups that might not have the capital to invest in a website that won’t get much traffic for a few years. However, if you have an established business with a website that you will use to try and increase your revenue, skimping on web hosting is a bad choice.

Cloud Hosting Advantages & Disadvantages

Cloud computing is, without the doubt, the future for hosting data on the World Wide Web. Even if you are not using a cloud web hosting provider, this does not mean you are not touched by the new trend. For instance, if you are using Google docs for managing your documents, and sharing them with others, you are basically using a cloud based service. The same thing goes for cloud web hosting. The resources a company has in terms of servers are used fluidly, to help customers use nothing but the best, but without spending a lot of money that not many can afford.
Cloud web hosting, just like anything else, especially in the technology field, has its ups and downs. You may want to consider them, now that you are probably wondering whether you should buy this type of plan or not.

Advantages of cloud web hosting:

  • Adjusted to your needs – when you are using this type of service, you are not bound to the same limits as in the case of traditional web hosting; actually, the servers adjust according to your needs, offering you the much needed resources to have your website work like a charm.
  • No setup required – cloud computing has its great advantages; for instance, once you book the service, there is no need for setup, and it goes as easy as plug and play.
  • Cost cuts – cloud web hosting can save you a great deal of cash if used right; this means that you need to manage your website properly, and you need to have it coded right, as well; otherwise, this advantage could actually turn into a downside, as you may just start bleeding money to have your website up and running.
  • Ideal for small business – while keeping your website running well involves employing some extra people, besides yourself, this type of hosting is favorable to small businesses, with up to 5 people employed; the idea is to have knowledgeable people by your side who can quickly adjust to the demands, without the need for a complicated structure.

Downsides of cloud web hosting:

  • Downtimes are hard – the problem with cloud web hosting is that downtimes can have a really big impact on your website; basically, if the cloud is affected, your website goes offline, just like that; even more, these servers do not yet enjoy a too positive reputation, because of their inability to provide an alternative when they go down.
  • Only online access provided – the thing with this type of hosting is that you need to keep all your data online; this means that if you are in an area without internet, you will not be able to check on your files.
  • High operating costs – it is true that cloud hosting is adjustable, but you still need to make some estimates about what you are going to use; if you do not do your math right, you can end up paying quite a lot for this overlook.
  • How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider

    If you are searching for a web hosting company you are going to come across articles that will tell you how to pick the perfect web host. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the perfect web host. Every web hosting company has its pros and cons. What you need to do, instead of looking for the perfect web host, is look for the right web host. This article will guide you through how to choose the right web hosting provider.

    Technical Specifications

    The first thing you’ll need to do is analyze your website and what specifications you’ll need in order to run it successfully. This should be the most important thing because this step is going to define how well (or not well) your website functions. If you pick a web host that doesn’t meet your minimum requirements then you’ll find your website to be down quite often. If you pick a web host that offers way more than you need in terms of resources then you’ll probably be paying much more than you have to be.


    Everyone has a budget, and everyone is looking for a good deal. There are good deals to be found on web hosting, but you shouldn’t prioritize finding a cheap host over finding one that works well for you. That’s why I would say it’s more important to look at a value of a host. What do they offer for their price compared to another web host? If web host A offers twice as many features for $1 or $2 more then it may be worth it for you to choose that host.

    Technical Support & Customer Service

    Whether you’re new to web hosting or a seasoned veteran, there will always be something you’ll need help with. When that time comes it will be nice to know that there is someone on the other end of a phone that will be able to help you out. A great customer support team could mean the difference between website success and failure.

    Always keep in mind that whatever web host is right for someone else might not be the best option for you. Every website has different specifications and needs, and while certain customers may have great experiences with a host, that host might not fit what you need.

    Web Hosting Review Updates

    Over the course of the next several weeks we will be updating all of our reviews. Some of them have become stale due to lack of attention on our part. Rest assured we are committed to providing you with the most up to date and relevant web hosting reviews you’ll find.

    We have been re-testing the majority of the hosts you will find on this website in order to update our reviews. Our new reviews will be more in depth and relevant so that you can make the most informed decision possible. After all, with the thousands of web hosting options out there you look to us to provide you with quality reviews.

    Keep a look out for our updated reviews!

    Great Cheap Web Hosting Options

    cheap web hostingWhen it comes to web hosting, it is very important to opt for a plan that is indeed affordable. Depending on how large your website is, and what kind of resources you need, there are certain options you have to keep in mind. However, be aware that cheap does not always equal good quality, and you may want to think about various plans and features, before opting for one or another.

    Hosting your website on your computer

    This sounds like a bit of a stretch, but it is doable. Basically, if you want to host your website on your own computer, you can do so. This means you will not have to pay money to a web hosting company, as you use your own hardware resources. Nonetheless, the biggest downside to this option of affordable web hosting is that you really need to know what you are doing. Only highly technologically inclined individuals can make this work, but, if you do not mind starting to learn how to do this, it can be a great option to avoid paying for web hosting.

    Another downside is that you need to have some reliable hardware resources to play with. Your computer, which will act like a server, will have to be online all the time, or almost all the time, to sustain your website. If you cannot afford such a thing, you may have to think twice about this option.

    Hosting your website on a dedicated server

    Dedicated servers are, without a doubt, a solution for companies looking to host their medium size websites. For an individual, they may look like they are quite costly, but, if you are running a business, they are actually the best deal you can find out there. Investing some resources is to be expected in getting these dedicated servers and some knowledge is also needed if you want to operate the servers yourself.

    Hiring someone to take care of the technical aspects can be a solution, in case you are running a business. These costs usually pay off on the long run, since your business will thrive and your website will draw more and more visitors.

    Hosting your website with the help of a provider

    This is the most convenient option of them all. The first two are affordable, especially if you have a budget planned for such enterprises, but they both require you or someone else hired by you to have the technical knowledge of how to install software on a server and how to operate it, even if from a remote location. They are both good solid options, but the aforementioned downside can be quite insurmountable for many people.

    Go with a hosting plan that offers you all the features you need. If you think you could do better, shop around, compare prices, and see what extra features you can get for the same money. Do not settle for the cheapest plan, if you have big ambitions with your website and you want to make money with it. A little bit of research can take you a long way and you can get the affordable web hosting you truly need.

    5 Signs Your Web Hosting Plan Is Not Right for You

    Web hosting is now offered in a wide variety of plans on the World Wide Web, and one would feel hard pressed to not find at least one provider and one plan that works for them. Nonetheless, this does not mean that everyone is a winner in their quest for finding the best provider and the best hosting plan. If you encounter trouble on a regular basis, and your web hosting provider does not seem to care about your predicament, then it may be a good time to think about switching to another provider and ditching the one you have now.

    1. Poor server performance

    The power of a good hosting plan lies with how powerful the servers used for hosting your website really are. Servers that perform poorly are quite a big issue with many web hosting plans because they practically are the soul of your website. If a server crashes regularly, your website will be more offline than online and this will definitely have an impact on your website’s overall performance.

    2. Lacking technical support

    It is of the utmost importance that you have quality technical support to help you when the going gets tough. Even if the largest web hosting companies on the market promise that your website will be online 99% of the time, it doesn’t mean you won’t run into issues Whenever you stumble on technical difficulties, it’s important to have a support team ready to help. If they don’t and you have to wait for days for your ticket to be solved, then this is a big flag that you should consider changing your web hosting provider.

    3. Poor management of shared web hosting

    The cheapest solution on the market for a web hosting plan is shared hosting. However, not all shared hosting plans are created equal and you will soon learn that it matters how these servers are actually managed.
    There are certain risks associated with shared web hosting. For instance, if other websites on the same server with yours are scammers, this will impact on your business as well. So proceed with caution when you have to pick your web hosting plan.

    4. So called ‘unlimited’ traffic

    It is a marketing gimmick that most web hosting providers use. They promise you unlimited bandwidth and traffic, but this is not how things are, truthfully. Whenever you get more traffic than allotted to your account the server will have to give you fewer resources, so you do not take a large chunk of what others with websites on the same server are entitled to. There are no hard limits, but they do exist and you should know about them.

    5. Bait and hook

    How many times have you been lured into paying for something cheap, only to get assaulted with offers to upgrade later on? Unfortunately, there are many web hosting companies out there that shamelessly use such practices. If you think your provider is trying to sell new plans to you, while providing poor service on the one you already have, than you should start thinking about switching to a new one.

    Are cheap dedicated servers an option?

    cheap dedicated serversOne of the main issues people have with web hosting is that it can get expensive. Dedicated servers can cost hundreds of dollars each month. Cheap dedicated servers do exist, but you really need to do some digging until the best deals surface.

    Cheap dedicated servers can be reliable

    Your best bet to find some great deals on dedicated server plans is to go to the top providers in this field. They usually offer special deals to new customers. While you may pay less for only a few months, you will be able to kick start your website and start making money with it. This basically means that you will be able to sponsor your future hosting plan from what you are earning with your site for the duration of the special deal.

    Discount coupons and other special deals are always available from top providers. You just need to start searching for them, and see if the pricing is convenient enough for your allotted budget. Do not forget that working with a reputable company can help you save a great deal of money, because they offer great customer service, and their uptimes are more reliable than what others offer. A good, fast website is more likely to bring you money than one that is slow and unreliable.

    Search for companies looking to expand

    Another good solution is to search for web hosting companies that are just looking to expand and need customers. These companies usually come up with very attractive deals, to get more people onboard. Of course, in due time, if the company survives, they will start asking for a more sustainable price, or they would just sell themselves out of the market.

    Be very careful when you are dealing with young companies. The main problem with them is that they appear one day only to disappear next day. See if they have been in business for at least one year and if there are reviews from users commenting on their services. This simple research can save you a lot of headache and a lot of money. If a company goes bust and you paid for one year or two for web hosting, that money is going to be lost forever, and you will not be able to get it back.

    The best solution is, after all, to search for a reputable company offering discount deals or coupons. At least, you will know that you will not be cheated and made to pay for services that will become unavailable when the company disappears from the market.

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