5 Signs Your Web Hosting Plan Is Not Right for You

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Web hosting is now offered in a wide variety of plans on the World Wide Web, and one would feel hard pressed to not find at least one provider and one plan that works for them. Nonetheless, this does not mean that everyone is a winner in their quest for finding the best provider and the best hosting plan. If you encounter trouble on a regular basis, and your web hosting provider does not seem to care about your predicament, then it may be a good time to think about switching to another provider and ditching the one you have now.

1. Poor server performance

The power of a good hosting plan lies with how powerful the servers used for hosting your website really are. Servers that perform poorly are quite a big issue with many web hosting plans because they practically are the soul of your website. If a server crashes regularly, your website will be more offline than online and this will definitely have an impact on your website’s overall performance.

2. Lacking technical support

It is of the utmost importance that you have quality technical support to help you when the going gets tough. Even if the largest web hosting companies on the market promise that your website will be online 99% of the time, it doesn’t mean you won’t run into issues Whenever you stumble on technical difficulties, it’s important to have a support team ready to help. If they don’t and you have to wait for days for your ticket to be solved, then this is a big flag that you should consider changing your web hosting provider.

3. Poor management of shared web hosting

The cheapest solution on the market for a web hosting plan is shared hosting. However, not all shared hosting plans are created equal and you will soon learn that it matters how these servers are actually managed.
There are certain risks associated with shared web hosting. For instance, if other websites on the same server with yours are scammers, this will impact on your business as well. So proceed with caution when you have to pick your web hosting plan.

4. So called ‘unlimited’ traffic

It is a marketing gimmick that most web hosting providers use. They promise you unlimited bandwidth and traffic, but this is not how things are, truthfully. Whenever you get more traffic than allotted to your account the server will have to give you fewer resources, so you do not take a large chunk of what others with websites on the same server are entitled to. There are no hard limits, but they do exist and you should know about them.

5. Bait and hook

How many times have you been lured into paying for something cheap, only to get assaulted with offers to upgrade later on? Unfortunately, there are many web hosting companies out there that shamelessly use such practices. If you think your provider is trying to sell new plans to you, while providing poor service on the one you already have, than you should start thinking about switching to a new one.

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