Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are intended for websites that have outgrown shared hosting and virtual private servers and need resources above and beyond most other websites. Chances are that if you’re looking for a dedicated server your website is successful and profitable. Finding a managed dedicated service is extremely important to ensure your website stays that way.

The companies below offer both unmanaged dedicated server unlimited bandwidth options for companies that have IT departments who can manage the website and server themselves, and also managed options for those of you who want to focus your resources elsewhere.

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Dedicated Server Benefits

The benefits of dedicated hosting are fairly obvious. Your website will get the memory, speed, and cpu usage that other, less expensive options just can’t provide. In order to run consistently and confidently, a large scale, high traffic website will need the resources that only a dedicated server can provide.

If you have a large customer base who will be ordering online or any other high traffic, database driven website, then dedicated hosting is the only option to ensure that your website runs the way it should. Don’t run the risk of losing revenue by opting for a cheaper host. If your business relies on your website being available, a dedicated server is what you should be after.