VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting, also known as a Virtual Private Server, is when one physical server is divided into several virtual servers, each of which is completely independent of the other. Unlike shared hosting, a VPS package will allow for full root access to the server as well as not having to share resources with other accounts. Virtual private servers are a great solution for websites that are too large or popular for shared hosting but don’t need the high amount of resources a dedicated server offers.

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VPS Host Benefits

There are a number of great benefits that you get when choosing a virtual private server for your website. The first, and most obvious reason for choosing a VPS host, is performance. Virtual private servers offer much higher performance than shared hosting because you are sharing the processor and memory with a lot less customers.

Security is another great feature of VPS web hosting. Since you are completely isolated from other accounts on the server you don’t have to worry about other accounts being hacked or abusing the server which would cause your website to be down.

VPS hosts also offer great value for your money. You get all the benefits of a dedicated server without having to pay hundreds of dollars a month to rent the hardware. It’s a great way to have a dedicated service without the dedicated price.

Virtual Private Server Checklist

How do you know if you need a VPS? There are a few key reasons why you would want, or need, a VPS account.

Resources – If your website needs more resources than a shared host can offer then you will want to opt for a VPS. You don’t want to run the risk of using too much memory or CPU on a shared host and having your website suspended.

Scalability – If you plan on having your website grow then a VPS will be perfect for your needs. VPS accounts are easily scalable to increase disk space, bandwidth, and any other resource you need.

Security – Virtual private servers are completely separate from other accounts so you won’t have to worry about other websites compromising your website’s performance.

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