Reseller Web Hosting

Affordable reseller web hosting plans allow you to act as your own miniature web host. You can offer your customers web hosting and charge them for being their website administrator. Reseller web hosting plans are a great way to turn an extra profit and are a great way to add value to products and services that you already offer your customers.

The reseller hosts below all offer top level packages that are affordable which makes it easy for you to make money as a reseller. Keep in mind that as a reseller you are responsible for providing service and support for any customer who you host. You are responsible for being your own server administrator and must provide support to your customers if you want to make money as a reseller.

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Reseller Host Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing a reseller plan. For one thing, it allows you to manage multiple websites and multiple clients easily. It is also a great way to make additional revenue whether you are a website designer/developer or are trying to find out what running a web hosting company would be like on a small scale.

Reseller accounts are also reasonably easy to upgrade which gives you the ability to increase your resource needs as your business grows. Of course, reseller hosting doesn’t have to be used as a mini-hosting business. You can also use a reseller account to easily manage multiple websites that you own, especially if you want to keep them completely separate from each other.

RateMyHost Guides

Do you need help on where to get started? We have created this guide to help you with every aspect of creating and maintaining your website and account. Click Here for video tutorials or Click Here for our full library of guides to help you get the most out of your account and your website.