Things to Avoid When Choosing Web Hosting

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Purchasing web hosting for your business site can be a bit tricky if you do not know what to look for. It is equally important to avoid certain things. Some companies will try to take your money without offering anything in return. The following list can help you narrow down your search for good quality web hosting.

Lack of a professional website

This may seem like a no brainer, but many business owners let themselves fooled by attractive prices and go for web hosting companies that are more than just a little shady. Whenever you want to purchase web hosting, take a good look at the company’s website. Does it look professional? Is customer support available, via e-mail, phone number, and even online? Is there a list of FAQs easy to access in case you want to check some information quickly? If the company does not seem to care to invest in a customer friendly website, stay away from them; most likely, they are only after your money.

No references

Reputation is a fickle thing on the Internet. It is difficult to build, and easy to lose; only the best companies out there enjoy good constant feedback from their customers. If a web hosting company is treating customers badly or offers dubious claims that are never honored, you can learn from reviews written by other customers. Never think about purchasing a hosting plan without checking some online reviews about the web host from independent sources. A lot of information is available online, and you only need to access it, in order to choose better.

Constant pressure to upgrade your plan

It is alright for your web hosting company to send you a newsletter once in a while to let you know of their latest deals, improvements, upgrades to their servers and so on. But if you are dealing with a company that constantly pressures you into upgrading, via e-mail or otherwise, you may have not chosen too wisely. Even when you are running a business website, it does not mean that you need certain features. Always evaluate your needs and politely refuse. If they continue with their aggressive selling tactics, it is the right time to search for a new web host.

The old bait and switch tactic

Another thing you should avoid in a web hosting company is the old bait and switch tactic. When choosing web hosting, things must be clear right from the get go. If there are any limitations, you should know about them. If you have to pay extra for some features, the company has to be upfront and tell you everything you need.

Whenever you feel like you are pushed to sign for something while the fine print says something else, you need to put the foot down and refuse. There is nothing worse than paying for something you do not need, or confront with limitations all the time, because you were tricked into paying for a plan that is not exactly what you thought it to be.

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