So you want to be a web host?

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Web hosting is becoming more popular for entrepreneurs these days. However, it should not be ignored that many companies in this field go bust early, as they do not grow quickly enough to cover their costs and start generating profit. Here are a few things you should know about starting a web hosting business.

What people are best for running a web hosting business?
While virtually anyone can start a business, when it comes to web hosting, certain knowledge is required. For instance, technology knowledge is a must, as you cannot run such a business without knowing about Internet servers, cPanel technologies, some scripting and HTML. Of course, if you hire someone else to know all these things, all may be well, but it is best to know at least some things about your business before starting to pump money into it.

What choices do you have?
The easiest way to start a web hosting business is to become a reseller for a bigger player. This option has its ups and downs. The best advantage is that you can start with a very small investment. Another benefit is that you do not have to be very knowledgeable about technical details; all you do is to sell server space owned by others to people looking for web hosting plans, in exchange of a commission.

The main problem with this option is that you are not in control. In case clients have technical issues, you will have to send them to the original web hosting company, as there is absolutely nothing you can do.

The next step when you notice that you are doing quite well, with dozens of clients wanting to buy web hosting plans for you, is to purchase an entire web hosting business. To make sure you are not making a wrong move, run some research first to learn more about the company you intend to purchase. A web hosting business can double the money invested in it, but its success depends on many factors, like server stability, an already good stream of customers, the quality of customer support and so on.

Last, but not least, you can start from scratch and purchase servers on your own, from which you can start selling disk space. Of course, this setup is advised only for those who really know what they are doing. You can always start as a reseller and learn the ropes from there to gradually advance towards a full fledged business that can bring you a lot of money.

Ensuring technical support
The most successful web hosting companies on the market right now are those who manage to offer clients great pricing, combined with good quality service, and stellar customer support. You will need to hire specialized personnel to handle all the requests coming from customers. If you cannot keep them happy, you will soon discover that most businesses in this field go bust because their clients simply ditch them for companies that care more about the well being of their websites and about offering top notch assistance.

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