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$1.99/mo | $7.99/mo












  • cheap introductory pricing
  • free domain registration
  • supports WordPress websites
  • offers Google and Bing credit


  • does not allow third-party domain registrations
  • complicated and outdated control panel
  • $50 cancellation fee
  • difficult to transfer away
  • unreliable support

iPage was founded in 1998 as a web services provider, but they restructured the company as a web host in 2009. iPage has two data centers and primarily focuses on shared hosting packages best suited for small businesses, freelancers, and hobbyists. They are owned by the Endurance International Group.

iPage Price

iPage starts their fees at $3.95 per month, which is competitive with other web hosts, but this includes assistance in creating a site that works well for businesses.

For those businesses with Windows, the Windows hosting packages begin at $9.95 per month, but since it utilizes all of the Windows functions as well as details, this is an outstanding value. And if you’re looking for a dedicated server, monthly rates are $79.00, but this allows a business to be in complete control of their electronic presence, though also allows the business to interact with iPage customer service representatives should they have any problems.
Using equipment like HP ProLiant servers and Dell PowerEdge, iPage isn’t just being reliable, it’s about being number one in its field of competitors. It also uses Cisco firewalls and routers.

Subscribers can sign up for monthly plans or even yearly plans that come with domain name registration or transfers in some cases. Templates and marketing are also a part of yearly packages in order to get your service and keep it.

The iPage control panel allows a user to upload files easily as well as change the password and check the site email. But users can also monitor the space that they’ve used on their web site in order to make any changes that are necessary.

The control panel is very user friendly, though for those that aren’t computer literate or at least semi-competent, some of the language might be difficult to understand. There is some computer ‘speak’ in this control panel, but any questions are quickly and easily answered by one of the many customer service attendants.

iPage Review on Reliability

One of the main concerns for a business is whether to not the web host is reliable and the answer for iPage is an astounding yes. Not only does the web site profess a money-back guarantee should a customer have a problem, but they also have won the following awards for their reliability: 2006 Top Reviews of Web Hosts, Top 5 2005 Top Host Winner, C/Net Top 3 Most Popular Web host and more.

Customers have raved that they have experienced little to no problems with iPage and that the service is better than they had ever experienced elsewhere.

With the four data centers, businesses can feel safe that their information is safe and that they will experience few (if any) delays in their server’s communications with customers and clients.

iPage Review on Support

Here’s just another place where iPage shines. Not only are they available any time day or night, but also unlike other web hosts, the customer service support team actually knows what they’re talking about. A friendly voice as well as automated service is available, but you’ll find yourself choosing to talk to someone in person so that your questions can be answered quickly and completely.

And of course, there is also the option to email should the question be less that imperative to answer right then. What you’ll find, as this reviewer did, is that the customer service email response time is much quicker than you might expect and that no matter how inane you might think your question is, the staff is always polite and helpful.

Our Recommendation

With one of the best customer service centers, iPage is just what your business needs to get its message out there reliably and effectively. When it comes to secure, reliable web hosting, iPage knows what your business needs and provides more than you could ever want.

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