Netfirms Review

Netfirms Review Introduction

Founded in 2008, Netfirms is operated by a team of technology professionals who are passionate about web hosting and helping get websites the attention they deserve. Their core values of doing more with less, treating customers like people and not numbers, and continuing to grow and evolve as a company makes Netfirms a viable option for your website.

Netfirms Review on Service

While Netfirms accounts are a bit pricier than their competition, the services they offer are competitive with other web hosts that offer the same or similar services. Their most basic plan starts at $4.45/month and includes all of the features you would expect. A list of main features is:

  • Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Builder
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Google, Facebook, and Yahoo/Bing Marketing Credits

One drawback with the basic plan is the ability to only have 5 MySQL databases, so if you are looking to host several database driven websites you will have to upgrade to a more expensive package. However, if you are only going to be hosting one website that doesn’t have a lot of database usage then the most basic plan will be more than sufficient for your needs.

Another big drawback is the lack of cPanel control panel. This knocks a few points off of user friendliness due to the fact that their proprietary control panel is clunky and not very intuitive. cPanel is much easier to use and is a breeze to navigate.

Netfirms Review on Support

Netfirms offers 24/7 support through phone, live chat, and email ticket system. Their staff is friendly and helpful. However, with it being such a large company, hold times can be a bit longer than normal depending on the number of support requests they have. When they do get to your problem it is answered quickly and correctly.

Netfirms Review on Reliability & Speed

While Netfirms has high quality equipment, our test account had multiple speed and downtime issues. This can generally be attributed to overcrowded servers on a shared hosting environment. If you’re running a business website this could potentially set you back.

Our Recommendation

Netfirms isn’t necessarily a bad option, but the reality is that they don’t do anything that other hosts do for cheaper. Netfirms is expensive for what they offer, especially when renewal time comes around.

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VPSDepot Review

VPSDepot Review Introduction

VPSDepot has been providing budget virtual private servers and reseller hosting since 2010. In the relatively short time they have been in business they have become one of the go-to name in reliable, affordable VPS hosting. VPSDepot’s ability to provide such high quality service at such affordable prices is unmatched in the industry and it is why they are our best virtual private server option.

VPSDepot Review on Service

VPSDepot offers 6 different levels of VPS hosting depending on the amount of server resources your website requires. It gives you the great ability to start small and upgrade as your needs do, leaving you with no wasted money or resources. Their scalability is not the only thing that makes their service great. Included with every package is the industry favorite cPanel and WHM which allows you to easily manage your virtual private server and all accounts you have.

Perhaps the best thing about VPSDepot, and something you won’t get with any other virtual private server company, is that every account is a reseller account. Other web hosts will charge you a premium in order for you to be able to be a reseller, but VPSDepot allows any and all customers to resell their accounts. This is a great way for webmasters and web designers to generate additional revenue.

VPSDepot Review on Support

VPSDepot offers 24/7 support over the phone, through live chat, and email. Their administrators are knowledgable and able to help with account issues. If you opt for a managed VPS package you will have a dedicated administrator who will manage and oversee all aspects of your account, from server security and stability to important updates and backend management.

Our Recommendation

VPSDepot is our favorite option for anybody who needs a hosting package for a website that has outgrown shared hosting. We also recommend VPSDepot for resellers as they do not charge you additional fees in order to enable the option for you to resell services. In our estimation, VPSDepot is the most cost-effective virtual private server company available today.

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MyHosting Review

MyHosting Review Introduction

Since 1997 MyHosting has been committed to providing the best quality web hosting services at a superior value, for individuals and businesses of any size. They are dedicated to providing you the highest quality of service and to do whatever is necessary to support that goal. They are committed to excellence in web hosting as a Microsoft Gold Partner and BBB-Accredited Business. At MyHosting, customers are the first priority. All of their services are backed by their 24/7 Customer Support department, based out of their North American office and just steps away from Systems Administrators and Software Developers.

MyHosting Review on Service

MyHosting’s basic package is available for $6.45/month and includes a free domain, 5 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth and 250 POP3/IMAP4 email accounts. Based on the Linux platform, it includes MySQL and support for PHP/ Perl. This allows you to run many popular applications for Blogging, Content Management, eCommerce, Galleries, Forums, Wikis and more.

One area that sets MyHosting apart is their Premium Hosting package, which includes 2 hosting platforms, one on Windows 2008 and the other on Linux. Each includes 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth, for a total of 20 GB disk space and 200 GB bandwidth. The Windows accounts also has a free dedicated IP Address. All this plus 500 email accounts for $12.45/month. Now you can get the best of both worlds in one hosting package!

Also available from MyHOsting is their Hosted Exchange Email service and SharePoint Hosting offering. This allows you to extend your traditional hosting plan to include the business-grade collaboration solutions that you need to be successful in any competitive market. Fully featured Microsoft Exchange accounts are available for $9.95/month including ActiveSync, OWA and Outlook 2007.

MyHosting also has an excellent affiliate program which allows you to earn up to 400% per referral spread out over 4 month. Start earning commissions immediately and quickly build recurring revenue.

Our Recommendation

The MyHosting in-house Customer Support team is very effective and highly responsive. They are available 24/7, 365 days per year, whenever you need them. Their hosting packages are backed by their dependable platform, and excellent server reliability and performance. Whether you are running a hobby website or a full scale business solution, MyHosting has all the web hosting, email hosting as well as Exchange and SharePoint options you need to be successful.

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LunarPages Review

LunarPages Review Introduction

Lunarpages has been around for 12 years and proved to be a web hosting company that specializes in high quality hosting services along with the most outstanding customer support. Lunarpages is currently servicing over 160,000 customers in over 200 countries and takes a lot of focus to deliver you the greatest features for personal, business, ecommerce or management purposes. Their premium quality customer service and rock solid hosting platform has enhanced their customer base year after year.

LunarPages Review on Service

Lunarpages operates world-class datacenter infrastructure located in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, assembled of the best equipment ensuring premium quality connections and an excellent uptime. But the best equipment is only the part of Lunarpages approach as to ensure complete customer satisfaction Lunarpages uses a proprietary Active Response Protocol to monitor servers for attack and outages. They continuously monitor their servers for Web, FTP and email performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that your business stays always online.

Lunarpages cares about their customers beyond merely fulfilling what they promised: adds new, powerful servers every month to their data center and updates their equipment to the latest technology on the constant basis. The company is focused on providing reliable hosting solutions at the affordable price and was awarded as the Best Web Host 2006 for their unmatched reliability, quality and customer support. If you want to be confident that your website is available online 24 hours a day, take all the advantages of dual-core processors to make sure you are always backed up and ready to go.

Their datacenters, are located in San Diego and Riverside, California, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada, and serve more than 2500 fully owned servers to make sure you get the hosting you deserve. LunarPages is the premier communication hub on the Pacific Coast with one of the most powerful networks, including cooling support, suppression equipment, managed fire detection, power back up options and technicians working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LunarPages Review on Support

Lunarpages spends a great deal of money and efforts to hire an experienced support staff to take care of customers and enabling you to get friendly and knowledgeable help while solving all your technical issues. Lunarpages customer support is undoubtedly among the best in the industry presenting the variety of methods you can contact by a support department. This company is one of a few providing online tutorials, control panel manuals, knowledge base, forums in addition to support tickets and telephone support system Their support team consists of the most experienced and skilled people in the industry to let you assist with more troublesome issues. Whether you are a beginner in web hosting field or advanced professional, whether you have come into some problems while setting up your website up and running or managing cPanel, you will appreciate the speed, reliability and quality of technical support provided by Lunarpages.

Our Recommendation

If you made up your mind to find a web hosting company for all your hosting needs, Lunarpages offers the comprehensive range of business hosting, Windows hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and reseller hosting plans at the most competitive prices. This company will offer you friendly support and modern top of the line hardware to help your website run smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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IPower Review

IPower Review Introduction

Since 2001, IPower has been offering inexpensive, reliable hosting for both personal and small business websites. Their steady growth at one time even got them recognized on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies list. Servering over 1,000,000 customers, IPower’s goal is to provide comprehensive service while maintaining a high standard of support to provide you with the best hosting possible.

IPower Review on Service

IPower offers a wide range of hosting services, from basic shared hosting to VPS and Dedicated servers. Their packages start at just $3.99/month, but if you sign up for a Pro Plan you get it at a special discounted rate of $3.25/month. The Pro Plan includes all of the features you would want from a top tier host including a free domain name, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, FTP access, and more.

If you opt to sign up for the Pro Plane, IPower will also give you 2500 Email accounts, the ability to host unlimited domain names, ShopSite, and a list of e-commerce features that the start plan doesn’t include.

IPower also offers many other hosting options if you do not want a basic unix package. They have Windows, VPS, and dedicated services which gives the ability for them to host customers across the board.

Our Recommendation

Whether you are just starting out or an advanced web master, IPoewr has a package that is right for everyone. Their packages are priced competitively and the features and services they offer are of the highest level. IPower also offers 24/7 support if you run into any issues with your website and will be ready to help at a moment’s notice.

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IXWebHosting Review

IXWebHosting Review Introduction

IXwebhosting is the a well-known hosting company that gives you the power of reliable web hosting service providing high-speed servers with maximum uptime guarantee, advanced account options, abundant disk storage, huge traffic allowance and much more to over than 170.000 clients around the Globe. IXwebhosting is based in Hopkinsville, KY and has been in business since 1999, specializing on delivering the most advanced hosting packages to meet the requirements of any website, ranging from entry-level personal to the advanced businesses.

IXWebHosting Review on Services

IXwebhosting infrastructure allows your website to be accessed over the Internet with the entire world. Choosing the most reliable hosting solution makes the huge difference for your online business success and profitability, but with thousands of web hosts on the marketplace, it can be difficult to get to know which hosting company provides excellent accounts for reasonable prices.

With more and more businesses getting online, it’s easy to be left behind in today’s fast-changing business environment. IXwebhosting realizes that when your host server is down, it influences your online business negatively and takes a lot of focus to offer you the proven track record of unparalleled tech support and 99.99% uptime.

By combining stable and secure servers in a cutting-edge datacenter, premium tools and features, expert 24/7 support services and 99.99% server uptime guarantee IXwebhosting will be able to meet all your web hosting requirements.

IXWebHosting Review on Support

Customer service with a personal touch to every client is the main priority of IXwebhosting. If you don’t want to call support lines and be set on hold for several hours, IXwebhosting is the right choice for you as they work hard to deliver you quality hosting service that is backed up by the most outstanding customer support.

Each hosting plan offered by this company includes a dedicated 24/7 technical staff available by toll-free phone, online chat or email to assist you in case you come into some troubles with your hosting solution. You will be assisted by well-trained customer service specialists who will help you to solve all your technical issues as they do not outsource their support responsibility to the third-party companies which do not care much about an individual client.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend IXwebhosting to anyone looking for affordable, but powerful and feature-rich hosting services for his personal or business website. IXwebhosting realizes the importance of professional hosting services and takes great efforts to provide the most reliable services possible at a fraction of the costs other web hosting providers will offer you.

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GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Review Introduction

GreenGeeks is the top rated green energy web site hosting company we have found anywhere on the internet. Not only do they provide superior service and support along with an incredible package that includes everything under the sun for a webmaster they offer this service with a conscious meaning they are 300% green. The GreenGeeks package provides an unlimited amount of space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain names hosted with unlimited email addresses for those domains along with a free domain name on the package plus all of the bells and whistles that come with the cPanel web hosting control panel and the Fantastico script library. This is one of the greatest value web hosting services for your dollar and GreenGeeks really knows how to take care of and cater to their customers.

GreenGeeks Review on Services

GreenGeeks offers a comprehensive web hosting solution that serves the needs of almost any webmaster out there on the internet. The plan is not advertised as cut rate as many of the other web hosting companies but then again it is an all inclusive package so they do not have hidden fees or up-selling opportunities either. GreenGeeks offers one solution at a fair price that is the equivalent to other companies largest and most expensive priced packages. You get unlimited; space, bandwidth, emails, hosted domains plus all of the bells and whistles like MySQL databases (also unlimited) CGI-bin, most multimedia features FrontPage extensions, FTP access, Perl 5, chat capabilities, JavaScripts, and much more.

GreenGeeks also offers a terrific point and click web site builder, also free with the service and excellent technology, with 24/7 server monitoring, backups and UPS power. One other thing that we have noticed with GreenGeeks customers is that almost all of them use the GreenGeeks logo on their web sites letting their visitors and customers know that they are hosted green and that they are environmentally conscious with their hosting which they say helps them with sales and customers on their web sites.

Our Recommendation

GreenGeeks uses the most sophisticated hardware and software available on the internet and offers an excellent eco-friendly service at a great price with 24-7 customer service. We are very confident that anyone who chooses to Go Green with their web site hosting and who chooses Green Geeks for their web hosting provider will be more than happy they did so.

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WebHostingHub Review

WebHostingHub Review Introduction

WebHostingHub is a hosting provider aimed at the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Type customers. Their goal was to provide you with a no-hassle, no strings attached hosting service at a great price with above par support. WebHostingHub offers you the easiest way to get your new website and email online, and boast that you could be up and running within a matter of minutes! That’s how easy their service is. With 1-Click installs of the most popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. you’ll get your business/personal site that web presence you need quickly and effectively. Find out today why WebHostingHub has become a leader in the shared hosting industry. You’ll be hard pressed to find another hosting provider that offers you more bang for your buck.

WebHostingHub Review on Services

WebHostingHub offers some of the greatest features and support available today at a fraction of the cost of some of the leading providers. With their easy to use Premium Website builder or WordPress Hosting, you’ll be able to create your own feature rich website or blog in a matter of minutes.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free Premium Web Builder
  • Free Domain or transfer
  • 24/7 US Based Support
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • FREE $75 Google Adwords Advertising Credits
  • FREE $75 Bing/Yahoo! adCenter Credits
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases
  • Forum, Blogging, e-commerce tools
  • Advanced Security with suPHP

    WebHostingHub Review on Support

    WebHostingHub boasts a 24/7 US Only support system. That means all of their support reps are in the hosting company’s building in the United States in Virginia Beach and in Los Angeles. You will never get transferred to another country or a call center. All of HUB’s support team are trained and staffed on site to make sure the customer is taken care of at all times of the day, regardless of whether it’s 4am or a Sunday.

    Our Recommendation

    Whether you are new to creating a web site or an advanced web master, WebHostingHub offers a choice for everyone. With the abundant amount of tools and resources in place, as well as 24/7 US support, WebHostingHub will allow you to get your web site up quickly and effectively without the painstakingly long hours of programming and coding. Found out today why WebHostingHub is one of the best web hosting solutions around.

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  • JustHost Review

    JustHost Review Introduction

    Just Host are an award winning web host that has seen some rapid growth over the past several months and is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest web hosting providers on the internet. From support to services, value for money and sheer size – Just Host have made their presence known.

    Whether you want to build your site from scratch, create a blog, e-commerce shopping centre, discussion board or you’re simply moving your existing site to Just Host, you couldn’t pick a better web hosting provider than these guys.

    JustHost Review on Services

    Just Host offers every feature or service that you would expect from a web hosting provider, no matter which type of internet user you may be, Just Host has a solution that is suited to you. Just Host supplies its customers with all the necessary tools to create their dream website from scratch. From 1 click website installations to 24/7 phone, email and live chat support, Just Host makes web hosting seem a breeze. Every Just Host user will receive the following benefits from their web hosting plan:

  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • Free Setup
  • Free Domain for Life
  • $25 Free Google Credit
  • $25 Free Yahoo Credit
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Site Builder

    JustHost Review on Support

    Customer Support is an area that Just Host stands out in. Reliable, fast and accurate support is essential and is the reason why so many web hosts fail. Just Host’s support is first class with rapid response times as little as 5 minutes answered by someone who really shows they care and are willing to help. Just Host’s customer support is in a league of its own, with toll-free phone support, 24/7 free e-mail and live chat support to get your answers in a matter of minutes. They also maintain a comprehensive knowledge base, to get answers on common questions quickly and easily.

    JustHost Review on Price

    Just Host’s prices are highly competitive within the industry’s leading web hosting providers. Just Host can only offer everything above at such incredibly low prices due to their sheer size, smaller web hosting provides simply cannot compete with the plans they offer. As a Just Host customer you can also expect special webmaster bonuses form time to time within your control panel so make sure you keep an eye out there.

    Our Recommendation

    Just Host is the latest provider to enter a class of its own. There a literally thousands of web hosting providers on the internet but Just Host is the latest one to stand out. If you need an affordable host with great support and generous features you cannot go wrong with Just Host.

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  • HostGator Review

    HostGator Review Introduction

    HostGator is one of the biggest names in web hosting. Since 2002 they have been growing at a huge rate and currently host over 200,000 customers with no signs of stopping. In 2009 they were recognized by as one of the fastest growing companies in America. In 2012 they were purchased by Endurance International Group, a company that owns several other large hosting brands you may be familiar with, including iPage, BlueHost, JustHost, and more.

    HostGator Review on Services

    HostGator offers a huge range of hosting options, including 3 shared hosting plans, 5 reseller plans, 5 VPS plans, and 4 dedicated server plans. Their shared hosting plans are competitively priced, but the renewal prices make them more expensive than some of their competition. Each shared plan comes with the same core features including:

    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Shared SSL Certificate
    • 45 Day Money Back guarantee

    This, unfortunately, is where the similarities end with their packages. Their most basic plan does not allow you to have any parked or addon domains and only allows for you to host one website. This is pretty restrictive in terms of shared hosting. In order to have the ability to host multiple domains and websites on the same account you will have to spring for their middle-of-the-road plan which costs a lot more just to have that ability.

    HostGator Review on Reliability & Speed

    HostGator’s servers used to be toward the top of the rankings in both reliability and speed. Unfortunately their reliability has gone downhill since the Endurance International Group takeover. While their servers are still reliable as far as uptime, the speed can be lacking sometimes during peak hours.

    HostGator Review on Price

    HostGator’s starting prices are on par with most of their competition. Like many other hosts, however, their renewal rates are significantly higher than when you first sign up. You’ll also have to pay extra to upgrade to a larger plan if you need to host multiple domains and websites on one hosting account.

    Our Recommendation

    HostGator is a good choice if you’re looking for a well establish host and are planning on expanding your website. Their huge range of hosting options allows you to easily upgrade should you find yourself in need of a a more robust hosting plan. While their server speed can sometimes be a bit lacking, this shouldn’t deter you from signing up.

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