What are Meta Tags?

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As you build your own website you will learn that there are certain aspects of your webpages that are more important than others. For a basic website, most of your webpages will be made with HTML, and HTML contains some important code that you should take a look at and have a basic understanding of. Some of the most important codes within the HTML format are the META tags so we’re going to examine those in some detail.
META tags are properly used within an HTML page and all META tags should also be placed within the and tags within your HTML page.
If you study this even further, you will find that there are many different META tags that you can use in your webpages. What we’re going to focus at this time is taking a look at the three main META tags, which are the Title, Keywords, and Description tags.

Starting with the Title tag, it’s basically what it says that it is. It’s the title of your webpage and it can also include a short description of the page as well. All title tags will appear like this in your web pages: Title words
Whenever you take a look at HTML pages, you will see that the majority of them have two types of META tags. The first one is the META DESCRIPTION tag and this is a tag that is used by some search engines as your site description in their search results. It could also be used to increase search engine ranking results because of the keywords it contains.
The Description tag is your time to really express what the site or the webpage is all about. Less is more here and you want to try to detail your site as much as you can in the description with approximately 200-250 words. You’ll also want to include your most important keywords in the description of your site.

The other important META tag is the META KEYWORD tag which is essentially a list of keywords that will be found on your webpages that you want search engines to recognize. For example, is someone searches for “used cars California” and that’s what your website is about, you’ll want to include the keyword phrase “used cars California” under your KEYWORD META tags.
The Keyword tag tells the search engine spiders what that particular page is about. You’ll need to separate all of your keywords and keyword phrases with a comma and always place your most important keywords first in your keyword META tag. Put the primary keywords that your site is about first and then add any secondary keywords related to your site afterwards.
Many search engine optimization fades have come and gone since the beginning of the internet, but as far as web design goes, focusing on these tags have made many websites very successful for keyword optimization and high search engine rankings. Although there are many more tags that you can use for your website, these are the main ones to use and to focus on to achieve the best search engine optimization.

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