Web Hosting Service Providers

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Not all web hosting service providers are built alike. Many offer superbly reliable and affordable homes for your website, whereas others can fall short on many aspects of hosting service. Rate My Host is your main source for separating the good from the bad in service providers, with a large collection of reviews, ratings, and information on each of the top web hosts.

Several important details of web hosting service providers often go overlooked by first-time website creators. Information like storage size and bandwidth is extremely useful for picking an ideal host, so Rate My Host helpfully includes all this information for easy reference. When narrowing your search, make sure to take careful notice of how each provider’s characteristics matches your needs.

Disk space, or data storage capability, measures how much space you will have available with your account. This may be a strict limit, or it may entail extra costs if you exceed the limit. The total afforded by an account varies widely, from well under 1,000 megabytes to over 10,000 megabytes. How much data storage space you will need depends on the design of your site and what will be stored there. Image-heavy sites, and those with downloadable files, tend to require more disk space.

Be sure to check on Rate My Host for disk space details on each host. Picking the right one for you doesn’t have to be a mystery with the right data at your disposal.

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