The truth about unlimited web hosting

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A great way to learn how to use web hosting is to find a company that offers free and unlimited web hosting services. Using a company like this gives you a great opportunity to learn how to upload files, how to transfer files, and allow you to become familiar with some of the basics of having your own website. If having a website is something that you’re interested in doing, then starting out with free hosting is an excellent introduction. Doing a quick search in Google for “free web hosting” or “unlimited Web hosting” will give you plenty of free options to choose from.

As you begin to click on some of the links to the different services that show up in your search, you’ll realize that web hosting companies use the terms “free” and “unlimited” differently than you or I use the same terms.
Just because you do not have to pay money for the service, does not mean that there are no strings attached. There is often a list of restrictions on free hosting services. This includes things like a limited amount of web space and bandwidth for you to use. Many free web hosting companies will put banner ads on your webpages, since they are giving you the space to host your webpages absolutely free. So if you see an advertisement for anything “free” on a web hosting company’s sales page, be sure to take a closer look and see what the conditions are for that “free” service before signing up.

Most of the same web hosting companies that offer “free” services also say that they offer “unlimited services” as well. As you’ve probably guessed, they don’t use the word unlimited in the same way that you and I use the word. Since unlimited is usually used in reference to the bandwidth and possibly the amount of web space that you’re allowed to use, let’s take a look at those two aspects from a web hosting company’s perspective.

In order for a web hosting company to be able to offer you, the customer, unlimited bandwidth or web space, they would have to have unlimited bandwidth or web space first and there’s no company in the world that has that. They all have limits and it’s usually based on the size and amount of the machinery that they are using to run their services. These companies use this term to simply state that they have a lot of space available and that they are willing to give you a piece of it for free and you can have access to even more of it for a price.

Just remember this: free is free but usually with conditions and restrictions. Unlimited can mean a lot but it usually requires that you money to pay for it. Just be sure to read the company’s terms of service and their terms of use to find out exactly what “free” and “unlimited” means to that company.

In spite of the restrictions, free hosting services are still a great option to get you started with your own site and give you a chance to play around with it before you start paying money. Once you’ve got a good handle on running a website, you’ll likely want to move on to a paid web hosting service and all the benefits that provides.

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