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So you set up your website with a free web host and now you’re tired of using them. Tired of seeing all the extra ads on each of your pages, and now even pop-ups that disrupt your visitors experience on your website, and it’s getting worse and worse. But whenever you do a Google search for web hosting, you find that there are seemingly endless options. So how do you choose?

Here I’ll explain to you some of the basics of web hosting packages that you need to be aware of. This way, not only will you go out with an understanding of what’s available, but you can make sure that you choose the correct web host for you, and also avoid a bunch of hassle in the process.
Nowadays you can get so much more for your dollar when it comes to web hosting. The key is to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable web hosting company in order to really get the most for your dollar. Let’s take a look at some of the things to watch for to find the best host for your needs, as well as your wallet.

Megabytes Of Space
If you’re not familiar with what MB stands for, let’s sum it up: it stands for megabyte, and in basic terms this is how much storage space you’ll have available for your website needs. If you already know how large your website is in megabytes, you want to look for a web hosting package that covers what you already have, plus another 50 to 100 MB to allow for additional growth of your website.

Most web hosting companies will offer either a monthly or a yearly payment plan option for you choose from. What I suggest you do is this: once you’ve found a web hosting company that interests you, try them out on their monthly plan first. This gives you the opportunity to test out their hosting, see how well their service and customer support is, and see how well their technical support helps you to get online and stay running. Usually whenever you start with a monthly plan and you like the service, you’ll have the option of upgrading to yearly account simply by clicking a few buttons and giving your credit card number.

Domain Registration
Can you purchase your domains through this company? Or do you already have your own domain name? If you’re buying a brand-new package from a web hosting company, most of the time they give you a free domain name with the package. You just have to check to see if this is offered. If you already have your own domain name with a different company, check that they allow you to transfer your domain name to their hosting service. It may also benefit you to see if they allow unlimited domain hosting, which means that you can host as many domain names on the same web space as you want. Also, find out if they allow subdomains and an unlimited amount of these as well. Most good hosting companies will do all of this, which could save you money if, for example, you don’t want to purchase new domain names for each of your future projects.

E-mail Accounts
Whenever you purchase new service with a web hosting company and you transfer your domain name or buy a domain name from that company, they should offer e-mail accounts with the service. Most companies allow unlimited e-mail accounts; some companies will allow several hundred e-mail accounts. It just depends on the company. Regardless of the amount of e-mail addresses allowed, make sure that you can access your e-mail by web browser as well as through Outlook Express in POP3 mode.

These are areas that you need to be familiar with and that you’ll want to ask your prospective web hosting company about. You always want to test their support service before you purchase from them to make sure that they will help you. You’re more than likely going to have problems and you’ll need to use their support services. It’s much better to make sure they work quickly and effectively now, rather than when you are in panic-mode with your website down. The more questions you ask before you purchase the service, the less hassles you’ll have afterwards.

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