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If you’ve spent any time online looking for web hosting services, I’m sure that the term ASP has shown up in many, if not all, of your web searches. ASP is one of the most cutting edge server-side scripting languages available for web hosting services. It’s an excellent scripting language that you will probably want to take advantage of.

What is ASP?
ASP simply stands for Active Server Pages. It’s a scripting language that allows users to easily design and create interactive pages for their websites. The main way that this is done is through server-side scripting.

What Does ASP Do?
Basically, ASP creates uniformity of all of your webpages across the Internet. What I mean by this is whenever you use ASP hosting, your website will appear identically to all Internet users, regardless of which browser they are using. A viewer could be using Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, or even Opera, and your webpages would look identical in each of those browsers thanks to ASP. Basic HTML cannot do this and this is one way that ASP hosting is superior. Also, remember when I said that it’s used for creating interactive webpages? Well, maybe you don’t know what interactive webpages are, but I’m pretty sure that you’ve been on several websites using this feature. The types of interactive webpages that ASP is known for are things like online forums, website search engines, blogs, online web forms, newsletters, calendars, and even web based e-mail like Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail. It can also be used for voting polls, online surveys, statistic counters, hit counters, and much more because that’s just how powerful the programming language is. If you plan on developing any type of interactive community, primarily in the form of online forums or blogs, then you have to have ASP as your backbone.

Where to find an ASP web host
As you probably know by now, there are all types of different web hosting companies online for you to purchase your web hosting from. ASP support is a specific support that you need to make sure that your web hosting company of choice has and supports. Just because they say that they support most web hosting scripts does not mean that they actually support ASP. You need to make sure that they specifically host and support ASP. You will find that information in their FAQs or on their sales page, or you can contact them directly to find out.
When you do find a company that provides ASP, you need to make sure that they support ASP on the Windows platform with nothing less than a Windows 2000 server. ASP was created by Microsoft and it works best on Windows-based servers.
Because of the versatility of ASP, more and more web hosting companies are realizing that they must add it to the list of services they provide and as well as provide support for the service.

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