WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad -vs- HostGator

WebHostingPad is a great choice for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use, and reliable. You won’t get some of the features that other hosts include, but these features are not useful for customers who are new to web hosting. It is a great starting point for a new customer and it will get you familiar with how to run a website without being too overbearing.

It is my estimation that HostGator is going to continue to slide down in terms of reliability, with support soon to follow. It is how all companies bought out by EIG end up (so far) and the signs are pointing the same way this time. I would be cautious when signing up with HostGator, and would avoid paying for more than 1 year. Leave yourself an exit strategy if something happens and you decide they aren’t for you.

WebHostingPad -vs- FatCow

WebHostingPad is a great choice for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use, and reliable. You won’t get some of the features that other hosts include, but these features are not useful for customers who are new to web hosting. It is a great starting point for a new customer and it will get you familiar with how to run a website without being too overbearing.

Fatcow can be tempting with its first-year lower prices and variety of features, but at the end of the day they’re missing some really vital things. They disguise their shortcomings well, offering this and that at lowered prices or included and free, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that they’re lacking in some of the most important areas a host is supposed to excel in: support, uptime, and transparency.

WebHostingPad -vs- iPage

WebHostingPad is a great choice for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use, and reliable. You won’t get some of the features that other hosts include, but these features are not useful for customers who are new to web hosting. It is a great starting point for a new customer and it will get you familiar with how to run a website without being too overbearing.

Yes, this review is largely based on my opinion on how iPage operates as a company (other than the reliability issues which are based on testing). I’m sure plenty of people think it’s not as big of a deal as I do. I just hate seeing a company like that get so much business when they are so indifferent to their service and treating their customers with respect. The sheer number of hidden fees in their terms is astounding – they charge you just to cancel. I would suggest choosing a different company to host your website. This review may have caught you off guard because of how often you see iPage at #1 on other review websites. This is because iPage pays out a lot of money to these sites to keep them at the top spot.

WebHostingPad -vs- BlueHost

WebHostingPad is a great choice for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use, and reliable. You won’t get some of the features that other hosts include, but these features are not useful for customers who are new to web hosting. It is a great starting point for a new customer and it will get you familiar with how to run a website without being too overbearing.

Bluehost is mediocre. They claim to be the #1 WordPress host, but their WordPress hosting is also the #1 most expensive WordPress hosting plan out there. At one point in time they were a great host, but that was years ago and before EIG got their fingerprints all over. There are certainly better options out there, but you could do worse than choosing BlueHost to host your website. They are a big name host so you can rest assured they won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

WebHostingPad Review Introduction

Webhostingpad.com is located in Chicago, Illinois and was started in 2005 by a team of proven and successful industry veterans. They have won numerous awards including the Best Buy Award, the Top Choice 2008 web hosting award as well as many other top web hosting rewards. As any reputable web hosting company would, they have 99.9% or greater uptime thanks to their state of the art data center and two super-fast OC-12 connections. They only use quality components, regularity backup their data and have complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security as well as onsite security and 48 hours of generator power available immediately in case of an outage.

WebHostingPad Review on Services

WebHostingPad’s hosting plan costs as little as $1.99/month and comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, SSI, FTP, CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL, web stats and more. You even get a free domain name with every account and can host unlimited add on domains per account. You’ll email account will be protected by the latest spam protection software.

Setup is also free and there no other hidden costs tacked on after or before you sign up. Their strive to provide the best bang for your buck and when you look at their prices and the features, it’s obvious that they’re doing it well. And if the free site builder isn’t custom enough for you, they even have a professional design team who can put together a site for you, built from scratch starting at only $350.

All plans come with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee as well as their award winning customer support is provided 24/7 by phone, live chat, and email.

Our Recommendation

I highly recommend WebHostingPad hosting company. Not only did I find their plan to be fully inclusive with no hidden fees, our uptime of our test site has been 100% for the past 12 months and running now. You’d be hard pressed to find another hosting company that includes all they do for only $1.99/month.

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iPage Review

iPage Review Introduction:

Founded in 1998 in Santa Monica, California, iPage is known as the business hosting web site for businesses that are run out of the home to businesses with a large office downtown. The four high tech data centers allow data to be managed in a safe and secure manner while also creating a low propensity for downtime. With over 400,000 members in upwards of 150 countries, it’s easy to see how iPage has garnered several awards for excellence. But is it the choice for you? Here’s what we found.


The iPage goal is to innovate and provide advanced, quality products and solutions, along with the industries leading customer service and support, all for affordable prices.

Part of the iPage management team focuses on facing the challenges brought on by growth and the other part focuses on the company’s position.
The company understands that a significant part of their future success will be centered on continuously satisfying their existing customer base.

This keeps them focused. Many companies forget the current customer in trying to gain the future customer. Although the future is always in their mind when it concerns new customers, iPage has made it a goal to be the first hosting provider to reach 1 Million paid website hosting accounts.

The company is making customer service a number one priority in their business to maintain present and future customers.The company has made it a point to keep improving and reinventing their self. The constant goal is to do things better and faster than the competitors. With this in mind, they reinvest the majority of their profits in Customer Service, IT Infrastructure and R&D.

iPage Review on Price

iPage starts their fees at $3.95 per month, which is competitive with other web hosts, but this includes assistance in creating a site that works well for businesses.

For those businesses with Windows, the Windows hosting packages begin at $9.95 per month, but since it utilizes all of the Windows functions as well as details, this is an outstanding value. And if you’re looking for a dedicated server, monthly rates are $79.00, but this allows a business to be in complete control of their electronic presence, though also allows the business to interact with iPage customer service representatives should they have any problems.
Using equipment like HP ProLiant servers and Dell PowerEdge, iPage isn’t just being reliable, it’s about being number one in its field of competitors. It also uses Cisco firewalls and routers.

Subscribers can sign up for monthly plans or even yearly plans that come with domain name registration or transfers in some cases. Templates and marketing are also a part of yearly packages in order to get your service and keep it.

The iPage control panel allows a user to upload files easily as well as change the password and check the site email. But users can also monitor the space that they’ve used on their web site in order to make any changes that are necessary.

The control panel is very user friendly, though for those that aren’t computer literate or at least semi-competent, some of the language might be difficult to understand. There is some computer ‘speak’ in this control panel, but any questions are quickly and easily answered by one of the many customer service attendants.

iPage Review on Reliability

One of the main concerns for a business is whether to not the web host is reliable and the answer for iPage is an astounding yes. Not only does the web site profess a money-back guarantee should a customer have a problem, but they also have won the following awards for their reliability: 2006 Top Reviews of Web Hosts, Top 5 2005 Top Host Winner, C/Net Top 3 Most Popular Web host and more.

Customers have raved that they have experienced little to no problems with iPage and that the service is better than they had ever experienced elsewhere.

With the four data centers, businesses can feel safe that their information is safe and that they will experience few (if any) delays in their server’s communications with customers and clients.

iPage Review on Support

Here’s just another place where iPage shines. Not only are they available any time day or night, but also unlike other web hosts, the customer service support team actually knows what they’re talking about. A friendly voice as well as automated service is available, but you’ll find yourself choosing to talk to someone in person so that your questions can be answered quickly and completely.

And of course, there is also the option to email should the question be less that imperative to answer right then. What you’ll find, as this reviewer did, is that the customer service email response time is much quicker than you might expect and that no matter how inane you might think your question is, the staff is always polite and helpful.

Our Recommendation

With one of the best customer service centers, iPage is just what your business needs to get its message out there reliably and effectively. When it comes to secure, reliable web hosting, iPage knows what your business needs and provides more than you could ever want.

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FatCow Review

FatCow Review Introduction

FatCow may just seem like a cute site, but their web hosting package is no joke. Perfect for the small business owner who wants simplicity and ease-of-use when hosting their sites, FatCow provides also provides a lot for a low price.

FatCow Review on Services

FatCow offers many features for a very small price. The features, including Google Webmaster Tools, application installation wizards, and ecommerce tools, just to name a few, are perfect for those with personal websites or small business sites.
FatCow offers:

  • Unlimited Disc Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • Free Setup
  • Free Domain
  • $50 Free Google Credit!
  • $25 Free Yahoo Credit
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Site Builder
  • …and much more.
  • FatCow Review on Price

    Pro: FatCow offers excellent customer support both online and via toll-free phone. Con: Support isn’t available 24/7. But whenever we did contact them, they were so helpful and knowledgeable it made up for their missing hours anyway.

    It’s hard to ask much more from a hosting company than FatCow offers. And not only is their price value superb because of their features and customer support, but their reliability is superb as well, with 24/7 network monitoring and daily backups.

    Our Recommendation

    It’s definitely more than humor that got FatCow into the top ranks of the web hosting industry. Maybe it’s their extensive amount of features, their friendly, helpful support, or their reliability? Maybe it’s everything.

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HostMetro Review

HostMetro Review Introduction

HostMetro is a shared web hosting provider that has one goal in mind, to make every customer happy and comfortable with their web hosting. They have several web hosting options that are perfect for any hosting customer, form beginner to expert. With 24/7 in-house support and standing behind their “Metro Max Guarantee,” HostMetro is a top choice in web hosting.

HostMetro Review on Services

HostMetro offers two hosting packages suitable for a wide range of customers. Whether you are looking to only host one small personal website or several business sites, HostMetro can cater to your needs. HostMetro provides everything a customer needs in order to create their website and have it hosted on the internet. Included with every package is unlimited hosting space and bandwidth, a free domain name, TWO free website builders, and more. They offer everything needed from a web host and more, all at a very affordable price.

HostMetro Review on Reliability & Speed

With HostMetro being a relatively inexpensive hosting option you’d expect their reliability to not be that great, but this simply isn’t the case. HostMetro offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and they live up to that. Uptime is only one side of reliability, however. In order for your website to be reliable it also has to load quickly. Our test WordPress website on HostMetro has an average load time of under 1 second which is pretty amazing for a cheap shared host.

HostMetro Review on Price

A cornerstone of HostMetro is their inexpensive prices. Unlike most cheap hosts, however, they also boast a price lock guarantee. Other cheap hosts like iPage, JustHost, etc. offer cheap rates for signing up but increase renewal rates pretty substantially. HostMetro promises never to raise renewal rates which makes them not only cheap for a short term host, but also the cheapest long term option you’ll find.

hostmetro review
*Chart taken from HostMetro.com website

Our Recommendation

If there is one place HostMetro stands out from the crowd it is with their customer support. Rather than boasting about hosting millions of websites they want to make every customer feel like their only one. They do this by being friendly, helpful, and courteous. Their support representatives have an average of 5 years industry experience which means they are a very knowledgeable group of hosting specialists. Of course, their support is available 24/7 so you can reach them day or night. From beginner to expert, blog to business, HostMetro is a perfect fit for just about anyone. We were hard pressed to find a host that offers as much as HostMetro at such a great price. They are highly recommended for their customer support, ease of use, and robust list of features.

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