Cheap Web Hosting

Finding a reliable and cheap web hosting companies is a really easy task these days due to the large number of cheap web hosting providers. However, there are many factors that should play into effect while selecting your cheap web hosting company.

Selecting your cheap web hosting provider is undoubtedly the most important decision your online business will encounter.

What do you want out of a cheap hosting company?

While it may seem evident, the first step is to determine what you want out of a cheap web hosting provider. I suggest that you write down what you need out of the firm and what you don’t, and keep this list in front of you while you “listen” to the sales pitch. Below, I have listed some areas you should be sure to cover. I feel this is a good priority list to stick by, so you aren’t sold on the small things that cheap web hosting companies are so aggressively marketing.

To begin your research in finding a cheap web hosting companies, I recommend that you look at the cheap web hosting showcase and select a minimum of 3 cheap web hosting companies. It’s also a very good idea to search our rating system to see all the reviews.

Here are some factors you should pay close attention to.

One obvious factor you should pay special attention to is the price. I do not suggest that you find the cheapest web hosting company, because the saying “you pay for what you get” definitely exists in web hosting. Speaking from experience, you may be tempted to take the cheaper route (cheap web hosting), but having frequent downtime is very unprofessional, and will result in instant credibility loss.

Technical Support:
Technical support is another issue that should be taken seriously, and ought to play a major role in your decision. Most reputable web hosts have 24/7 support via email, and phone. Unfortunately, if you have a problem with your server hardware, support will not cover this; however, a problem may likely arise with your connection, or when you are setting up your server, and a quick response is crucial.

Another vital aspect I strongly urge you to look into is your web host’s connection. You may have the best hardware for your web server, but if your web host cannot match this with a good connection to the Internet, you may experience downtime resulting in loss of business. Good cheap web hosting companies have multiple connections to the Internet, and should also facilitate the use of on-site back up equipment in case of a power failure.

You should ask the following questions:

Do you provide 24/7 web hosting technical support?

Via email, phone, etc..? This is extremely important. A good method of testing the cheap web hosting company’s level of support is to call their support line and see if you can reach someone, or to simply them send an email inquiring on a web hosting package and compare the response time to other companies.

What type of server back-up systems do you have in place?

In addition to this, you should ask what the fees for server back-ups are, and how often they are performed.

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

If you have paid a set-up fee, and end up switching hosts because you are unhappy with them, you may be out a few hundred bucks. Also, most reputable web hosts offer at least a 30-day money back guarantee incentive, and this also shows that they are confident they can provide good service.

How many connections to the Internet do you currently have running in to your facilities?

Most reputable cheap web hosting companies will have two connections running into their data center. This is fairly important, so in the case of a line getting cut you will not experience downtime.

What is the turnaround time for server setup?

While this will certainly vary with the urgency of your project, I would not recommend a host that tells you a week.

Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Finding the right web hosting service is all about having the relevant information in front of you. Customer reviews, expert ratings, important details, special offers, and time-tested advice–if it can help you get your website off the ground, you can find it at Rate My Host. Cheap web hosting providers that are both reliable and fast are only a click away at our informative site.

Even businesses and website designers with current host setups can benefit by finding a cheaper alternative. For the top web hosting providers–like those included on our Top 25 Web Hosts list–saving money does not mean sacrificing quality. However, unless you can see how a web host works from the perspective of current and previous users, you run a high risk of choosing poorly.

With the content at Rate My Host, you can have the confidence to pick a cheap web hosting service. Pass on the savings from this lower overhead for increased profit or lower prices for your customers. Low monthly payments can furnish you with multiple gigabytes of storage space for your website and several hundred gigabytes of bandwidth to use.

Even cheap web hosting providers can offer such additions as unlimited POP emails, multiple domains, and attentive customer service. Rate My Host connects you to all this information, and more.

Best Web Hosting

How do you find a web hosting service that will work for you and your future website? The best web hosting sites are easy to spot when you have the numerous reviews and testimonials included at Rate My Host to guide you. Website founders no longer have to rely on lucky guesses or experimentation to find their ideal host service.

Rate My Host includes a number of attractions and services for businesses or individuals looking to start a website or improve their current one. Most importantly, we give you the details of what each service offers and what it will cost.

The Top 25 Web Host section lists our recommended sites, so you know where to look for quality and affordability. Listings of the top web hosting providers are broken down into useful categories, such as Unix Web Hosting, Budget / Cheap Web Hosting, and Ecommerce Web Hosting.

A large part of finding the best web hosting service is searching among those options tailored to your needs. Whether your business is large or small, or you are starting a personal website, you can find the perfect host service at Rate My Host.

Visitors to Rate My Host can also take advantage of our useful forums and articles on web hosting.

Don’t forget to also take a look at the special offers included on our site.

Cheap Dedicated Servers

For business websites and websites that are expected to attract large amounts of traffic, dedicated servers are worthwhile options. A dedicated server is a website hosting arrangement that supplies an entire server to a subscriber, instead of a server shared among several clients. The exclusive use of the server makes it more reliable, more personalized, and equipped to handle higher traffic loads than a shared server.

Although securing a dedicated server from a web host will be more expensive than sharing one, dedicated servers are not always prohibitively expensive. Using the comprehensive information available at Rate My Host, any business can find cheap dedicated servers that will work for them. We provide a complete forum for web hosting information, including expert tips, reviews, and special deals.

An entire section of our listing of the top web hosting providers is devoted to cheap dedicated servers. For maximum reliability, many of these deals offer backup servers that guarantee continued connectability and a high loading speed for your website. You can find the important details on all of these services at Rate My Host.

To help you find a quality dedicated or shared web hosting service, we include hundreds of reviews of these web hosts from customers just like you. Reviews are among the best sources of information for gauging reliability, customer service, and functionality.

Do You Need A Shared Or Dedicted Web Hosting Server?

One of the most important decisions any small to medium business must make when looking for a web host is whether they need a shared or dedicated server. A shared or virtual server is a computer based server provided by a third party web host that is shared between more than one user or website. A dedicated server is also provided by a third party host, but one user gets the exclusive use of the entire server on which they can host as many websites as they like. The one main advantage of a shared server is their price, which can range anywhere from $5-$50 per month, whereas dedicated servers usually start at around $100 and go to $500 or more per month. The other major advantage is that shared servers usually come with technical support and require very little if any technical ability. Shared servers also usually have a shared IP address, which can cause email deliverability problems if someone on your server is blacklisted for sending spam – everyone else on that server is also blacklisted. Some shared hosting plans will allow you to purchase a unique IP address at an additional cost – which may be well worth it.

A shared server may host anywhere from 50 to 1,000 or more websites, so depending on the traffic the other websites on a shared server get, and depending on the number of sites on the server, it can significantly slow down the page load time of your site. Shared servers are usually more than adequate for lower volume or entry-level sites that don’t require any highly specialized software and don’t get thousands of daily visitors. Dedicated servers are typically used in cases where there is a high level of traffic, you have multiple websites, there is a strong need for security, or the user wishes to run their own customized software and applications rather than the standard ones supplied by the host. They also come with their own IP address which is a must. Unless you are very computer savvy, dedicated hosts require the help of someone who knows what they’re doing to set up and get going. Also, they usually don’t come with any tech support included in the monthly plan. Another option is to go with a “managed dedicated” hosting plan. With a managed dedicated plan, technical support is included as part of your hosting plan just as in shared hosting plans. This makes is a great alternative for larger site owners that lack the technical ability to do things themselves, but still need the benefits of a dedicated server. Managed hosting plans are more expensive than a dedicated server without support and start at around $200 a month.

Here are few quick questions to ask yourself to determine if you require a shared or dedicated web server: 1. Does your website get more than 10,000 page views a day? 2. Do you have 5 or more websites that require hosting? 3. Do you need to install any special software on your server? 4. Do you require a unique IP address? If you answered YES to most of the above questions, chances are you need a shared server. If you answered NO, you’ll probably do just fine with a shared server for now. It goes without saying that dedicated servers are more expensive than shared servers – typically costing about ten times more, but depending on your specific requirements, they may be well worth the added cost.

eCommerce Hosting Solutions

No aspect of business is being left untouched by the Ecommerce revolution. A well-designed and well-supported website has become an essential component in the success of a business in America. With the resources at Rate My Host, any business can find the Ecommerce web hosting solutions to help their company prosper in the digital marketplace.

Rate My Host presents information, helpful reviews, and advice on finding quality website hosting services. Descriptions of these top web hosts are helpfully organized into categories for each service’s best application. Groupings include an Ecommerce Showcase and a list of services targeted at small businesses. A Hosting Discount section includes special deals on web hosting services that can save a business a bundle on its server bills.

Online marketing and sales are effective because of their unparalleled reach and ease of use compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. However, this advantage disappears if the business website is not reliable and powerful enough to handle customer traffic. Businesses can use Rate My Host to carefully note the details of each web hosting service and other customers’ personal experiences.

With the valuable advice and information at Rate My Host, businesses are able to achieve success in their online sales initiatives the first time. Trial and error is not the way to pick a website host. Businesses unsatisfied with their current service can also quickly find something better.

Web Hosting Ratings

Web hosting ratings are the perfect source of information to help you avoid the same mistakes of others. Instead of suffering through poor connectivity and unreliable customer service for your website, choose the hosts that are consistently getting high marks from users. Rate My Host presents hundreds of these web hosting ratings for all the top host companies.

Finding reviews for a specific web hosting service could not be easier at Rate My Host. In the View Ratings section of our site, simply type in the name of your prospective web host. You will find dozens of web hosting ratings of this service from current and former users just like you, each presenting comments and giving marks on dependability, support, pricing, server speed, connection speed, and account setup time.

Rate My Host also presents a list of its own Top 25 Web Hosts, which is chosen according to a set review process and truly represents the best the web has to offer. This list should be the starting point for anyone looking for the top deals among web hosting services. The details of our selection process are included on our site.

Rate My Host is the best source on the Web for tips and information on finding the right web host for your site. What you do with your storage space and reliable connection speeds is entirely up to you.

How to start your own web hosting business

If you’re looking for a way to make money on the Internet, becoming a web host is a great option. But unless you want to set up your own domain registration process, get a super fast (and expensive) Internet connection and setup a warehouse full of high end computers, you’ll want to look into getting a reseller account from an established supplier. Many web hosting providers offer reseller hosting plans. These plans are offered to individuals who want to try to do just that, resell the company’s web hosting services.

One of the very first things you’ll want to do is to find a good reseller hosting company. Our recommendation for a great reseller host is The next step is to find a unique domain that sets you apart from other similar services and also contains search engine friendly keywords. If you can’t find a good one that’s available you could look on eBay or on sites that sell expired domain names – it’s better to get one that’s already been established versus something that’s brand spanking new.

The next order of business is to find and set up a good web hosting reseller account. You will want someone that is profitable, with a good reputation built on many years of operation. Also take the time to read over the service level agreement (SLA) very closely so you’ll know exactly what to expect. Some other things to pay particular attention to is their guaranteed uptime and if customer support (for both you and the people you resell to) is included in their plans and is it 24/7? You’ll also want to take into account the price of their reseller plans and how profitable it will be for you as a reseller. It’s also very important to ensure that they have an easy to use control panel which allows you to manage several accounts from one central location.

Now that the basics are out of the way, you need to focus on setting up an attractive, well organized website in order to make your business look as professional as possible. Depending on your budget and artistic ability you can try and do this yourself, hire a professional web / graphic designer or buy a template design. If you can hire a professional go for it, but if not there’s plenty of good templates for under $100 that can give your site the same look and feel as a custom professional design. Remember to keep your web site professional-looking, but clean and simple, and don’t forget to optimize if for the search engines.

Once you have a reseller account set up, you’ll need a way to advertise it and sign people up. There are 3 options you have here, to advertise online, to advertise offline or both. To get the best results you’ll probably want to do both, but when you’re just starting out it’s best to keep advertising to online mediums, as it’s quicker and more importantly, cheaper. Some things you’ll want to do to promote your reseller site online might include:

– A targeted Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing PPC campaign.
– Sending out an online press release to announce your site to the masses.
– Writing articles about web hosting related topics and referencing your site in the signature or byline.
– Listing your search engine optimized site in the major search engines.
– Creating a targeted banner ad campaign.
– Listing your site in all the business / web hosting related web directories.
– Posting free classified ads advertising your service.
– Buying text ads or links on similar but non competing sites.
– And any other number of other things

Web Hosting 101

Welcome to Web Hosting 101. The videos below give a brief overview on many of the questions you may be asking yourself when searching or a web host. Just click on a video below and it will automatically start to play.

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Review Introduction

InMotion Hosting was founded back in 2001, and has since become a leader in the professional web hosting industry. As a Certified CNET Hosting Provider for 10 years straight and running, it’s no wonder that InMotion has received numerous awards and accolades for their service. Offering Shared, VPS, and Dedicated solutions, InMotion will have a hosting service that’s perfect for you.

As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, InMotion proudly has an A+ rating, so you can be confident in your choice of a hosting provider. Add onto that great customer service and support, and there’s no reason to look any further for a dependable and reliable hosting platform for your professional needs.

InMotion Review on Services

InMotion Offers several options to each of their hosting platforms (ie. Shared, VPS, and Dedicated). Depending on the amount of RAM, Storage, and Bandwith you need, InMotion will have a plan that is right for you. With 1 Click installations of many popular CMSs, and 24/7 US Based support, you’ll be happy with the support and service you receive from InMotion. The FREE Automated backups are a critical component to any online business, and most of the other providers will charge you extra for this feature at checkout. Here are just a few of the features you’ll get for free:

  • Free Automated Backups
  • 3 Star CNET Certified Hosting Provider for 10 years straight and running.
  • 24/7 US Based Support
  • Max Speed Zones – Pick your data center for up to 6Xs faster speeds than the competitors.
  • Up to $100 in FREE Google Adwords Advertising Credits
  • $75 in FREE Bing/Yahoo Advertising Credits
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Transfer
  • FREE Premium Web Site Builder
  • Free Domain or Transfer
  • 99.9% Guaranteed uptime
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

    InMotion Review on Customer Support

    One of the features that really puts InMotion ahead of the other hosting providers is their customer support. With 24/7 US Based support, InMotion is there to help you with whatever your needs around the clock. Try calling them at midnight, at 2am, or on a holiday, and you’ll have someone ready to assist you within seconds. No more long holds, waiting to get connected to someone overseas. With InMotion, you’ll have access to their support via email, online chat, or their toll free number at ALL times.

    Our Recommendation

    InMotion Hosting is for those who want a professional hosting solution at a very reasonable price. When we looked at the costs of some of the other providers, we noticed that when you add on all the features that InMotion Hosting already gives you for free, you’ll end up paying just as much, if not more. We would recommend InMotion to small-mid sized businesses or personal sites that require a reliable and professional web presence.

    Visit Inmotion

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