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One of the most amazing things about the internet boom is the sheer variety of uses that have been found for websites. Representing everything from businesses to blogs, there is no end to the innovation that can be found on the Web. Because there are so many uses for websites, there are also many options for web hosting, and they may be confusing to sift through at first.

Rate My Host helps you see through the clutter with our comprehensive listings of the best cheap web hosting services out there. Besides supplying you with the key information for each host, we also have hundreds of reviews from former and current users. These reviews are great sources of information on the value of each web host, especially the intangible qualities that can’t be boiled down to numbers.

At Rate My Host, we help you understand your options when choosing a web hosting service. Most importantly, you need to decide on a shared server, dedicated server, or virtual private server, with the latter two most appropriate for businesses. The options of storage size, bandwidth, and domain name use are all important considerations you need to understand before a host decision.

Use our budget host listing to search among the especially cheap web hosting services, which are typically sufficient for personal websites. Costs for reliable, quality web service can run to as little as $5 per month.

Website Hosting Companies

With thousands of website hosting companies all clamoring for your attention, how do you decide which companies actually deliver? To get the essential facts on each company, as well as individual reviews from actual customers, use Rate My Host. We let users of each service speak for themselves on the quality they experienced.

Testimonials are quite valuable, but sometimes the details of each website hosting deal may be enough to eliminate many of the offers. Hosting services can vary widely in their characteristics, capacities, and prices–all of which will affect how well the host works for you and your website. Rate My Host collects the important facts on each major provider and presents them to you in an easily browsable form.

Understanding what level of storage capacity and bandwidth your website needs is a great first step to narrow your search. User reviews are helpful with the more subjective information, like the quickness and skill of the customer service. In combination, the resources at Rate My Host are your best bet for finding the perfect website host.

Picking among the numberless website hosting companies out there no longer needs to be a daunting and time-wasting task. Use Rate My Host for all your website hosting connections, and you can be sure you will find a reliable and affordable home for your website.

Best Website Hosting

How do you find a web hosting service that will work for you and your future website?
The best web hosting sites are easy to spot when you have the numerous reviews and testimonials included at Rate My Host to guide you. Website founders no longer have to rely on lucky guesses or experimentation to find their ideal host service.

Rate My Host includes a number of attractions and services for businesses or individuals looking to start a website or improve their current one. Most importantly, we give you the details of what each service offers and what it will cost.

The Top 25 Web Host section lists our recommended sites, so you know where to look for quality and affordability. Listings of the top web hosting providers are broken down into useful categories, such as Unix Web Hosting, Budget / Cheap Web Hosting, and Ecommerce Web Hosting.

A large part of finding the best web hosting service is searching among those options tailored to your needs. Whether your business is large or small–or you are starting a personal website–you can find the perfect host service at Rate My Host.

Visitors to Rate My Host can also take advantage of our useful forums and articles on web hosting.

Don’t forget to also take a look at the special offers included on our site.

Cheap Website Hosting

Is your goal to attract and impress thousands of visitors a day with your new website? The good news is that even a highly polished, interactive website does not have to be very expensive to maintain. At Rate My Host, you can find the inside information on the best of the cheap website hosting deals that will save you some cash without skimping on service.

You can find several cheap website hosting services in our Budget / Cheap Web Hosting section, as well as our convenient Top 25 web host section. As a general rule, if you intend to run a professional website, you should stay away from free web hosting services. They tend to be of poor quality with spotty reliability, and they sport a business design that focuses far more on their advertisers than on their free subscribers.

Getting the minimum level of reliability, loading speed, and customer service needed for a business website requires spending at least a small fee every month. Yet keep in mind that there is a great deal of variability among cheap website hosts, as well. At Rate My Host, you get the details from actual users that help you divide the good from the bad.

Doing it right from the start is the ideal when starting up your website. Rate My Host is the perfect resource for avoiding surprises and getting your website up and running.

Web Hosting Reviews

Rate My Host is truly a unique source of web hosting related information that no other website out there can provide you with. We base our web hosting reviews on the feedbacks from thousands of past and current web hosting customers who have used given web hosting provider for a while. We constantly update our web hosting reviews and ratings areas in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on which you’ll be able fully rely on!

Why do you need web hosting reviews?

All web hosting customers should use realistic web hosting reviews if they wish to get proved information on hosting providers. Most people who are looking for reliable hosting provider are in need of quality web hosting reviews because:

1. Web hosting reviews explain the ways of finding honest web hosting providers on your own.

2. Web hosting reviews disclose many other important things that a customer should know about web hosting. For this purpose we offer our users wide variety of relevant subject articles. These articles are very important because they highlight many things that a regular hosting customer should know, but is usually unaware of.

3. Provides a list of honest web hosting companies to help you save valuable time that you’d otherwise spend on “investigating” companies that are…not entirely honest.

Welcome to Rate My Host! You have just found one of the biggest web hosting reviews site in the Internet. Where else can you get independent and impartial web host reviews on the web?!

Rate My Host web hosting reviews provide independent test results and information to assist consumers in selecting the right web hosting provider and making an educated buying decision. Forget paying huge sum of money per month for bad web hosting services.

Rate My Host has been independently reviewing and rating Hosting Industry related companies for a few years already and we have noticed that the process of remaining objective and fair can be a difficult job. So over the years we’ve come with a series of web hosting review criteria Rating System. It has evolved into a very fair set of review criteria that gives us a set of standards to judge all hosting industry related companies. Our Rating System for objective web hosting reviews gives a weighted system for reviewing web hosting companies and services that is individual to that segment of our industry. The criteria for web hosting reviews, for instance, consist of Support, Reliability, Features, Value, Network Security and Industry View.

Finding the ideal web host may be the hardest work after developing a website. Those who wish to find high quality web hosting providers that will best suit their needs are in the right place for doing this. To assist you, we have reviewed hundreds of web host providers. So, take your time and read all web hosting reviews by Rate My Host.

Web Hosting Service Providers

Not all web hosting service providers are built alike. Many offer superbly reliable and affordable homes for your website, whereas others can fall short on many aspects of hosting service. Rate My Host is your main source for separating the good from the bad in service providers, with a large collection of reviews, ratings, and information on each of the top web hosts.

Several important details of web hosting service providers often go overlooked by first-time website creators. Information like storage size and bandwidth is extremely useful for picking an ideal host, so Rate My Host helpfully includes all this information for easy reference. When narrowing your search, make sure to take careful notice of how each provider’s characteristics matches your needs.

Disk space, or data storage capability, measures how much space you will have available with your account. This may be a strict limit, or it may entail extra costs if you exceed the limit. The total afforded by an account varies widely, from well under 1,000 megabytes to over 10,000 megabytes. How much data storage space you will need depends on the design of your site and what will be stored there. Image-heavy sites, and those with downloadable files, tend to require more disk space.

Be sure to check on Rate My Host for disk space details on each host. Picking the right one for you doesn’t have to be a mystery with the right data at your disposal.

Cheap Web Hosting Companies

In many cases, customer service is the first thing to be sacrificed at cheap web hosting companies. Fortunately, this is not true of all of them, so it pays to know something about the quality of customer support at a web host before you begin relying on it. This is where the invaluable reviews and ratings of the top web hosting services featured at Rate My Host come in handy.

All of the major web hosting companies are covered on our website, each with reviews written by actual customers. Since customer service is not the type of feature that can be encapsulated in a simple number, these reviews are particularly illuminating. You’ll find out how quick and how helpful the web hosts are when they responded to the actual concerns of customers exactly like you.

Problems will always crop up with any website, no matter how well-designed or supported it is. Since reliability is essential for a successful online business, the ability to find a quick resolution to these problems should be a major attraction when browsing web hosts. It may be tempting to go for the cheapest web hosting service, but you should understand that poor support may end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

Search through our site for a selection of the best cheap web hosting companies. Make sure the listed capabilities will meet your needs before buying and that the reviews are generally positive.

Best Web Hosting Companies

With the seemingly endless number of companies out there offering website hosting services, it can appear at first to be a nearly impossible task to find out who is really among the best web hosting companies. With the informative content on Rate My Host, you no longer have to rely on site promotions and lucky guesses to find a quality website service. We offer ratings, reviews, and testimonials from people just like you who have used these hosting services and can give you the inside info on how well they operate.

Rate My Host breaks down the many web hosting companies by attributes, price, ratings, and other characteristics. You can read of the experiences faced with each company by other website creators. Most importantly, the quality information at Rate My Host will fill you in on the details of each web host.

What aspects of web hosting companies set some ahead of the pack? Larger websites will need more online disk space, so check how much space is provided in each web hosting offer. If you expect to field a lot of traffic, such as for a moderate- to large-sized business, bandwidth will become an issue. Make sure the host you pick provides sufficient bandwidth to avoid loading delays when customers try to visit.

Don’t neglect good customer service, either. The best web hosting companies will provide 24/7 technical support for the unexpected dropouts and problems.

Low Cost Web Host Reviews by Rate My Host

Choosing the right web host provider ultimately depends on your individual needs. As a result, what may constitute the perfect web host for one person may not apply to the needs of another. Before you choose a web host company, be sure to do some research and make sure that the account you choose has what you will need.

Rate My Host is the number one source for independent reviews on reliable web host companies. Our team continuously selects and evaluates web host companies and rates them in accordance with our strict ranking criteria. Our detailed analysis applies predefined performance parameters and assigns different weights to rate each of the web host companies. Some of the parameters include:

Web host package pricing
Speed and reliability of the servers
Technical support section
Domain name registration prices
Sign up process
Analysis of all the features of web host packages and control panel features
Our web host ratings and reviews offer an excellent basis to begin search for your cheap web host provider. Whether you are looking for ecommerce web host solutions or cheap dedicated servers, we are sure that our directory will assist you in finding the best web host provider easily and quickly.

Find top web host providers from our showcases. Our profile of web host providers includes only the leaders in the web host industry.

Web hosts make it possible for anyone to have an online presence. You do not need any special technical experience or knowledge to host your site with a professional web host provider. They will take care of all technical aspects of hosting for you. This leaves you a time to build and modify your website, run your business if you have a business website and all the other important tasks you may have.

Don’t spare your precious time for choosing the right host for your site. Look through our independent ratings and reviews which will definitely help you in choosing the best web host.

Rate My Host is the leading resource for independent web host review on web host companies. We’re here to provide you with an unbiased web host reviews on the most affordable and reliable Internet website hosting companies.

Cheap Web Hosting

Finding a reliable and cheap web hosting companies is a really easy task these days due to the large number of cheap web hosting providers. However, there are many factors that should play into effect while selecting your cheap web hosting company.

Selecting your cheap web hosting provider is undoubtedly the most important decision your online business will encounter.

What do you want out of a cheap hosting company?

While it may seem evident, the first step is to determine what you want out of a cheap web hosting provider. I suggest that you write down what you need out of the firm and what you don’t, and keep this list in front of you while you “listen” to the sales pitch. Below, I have listed some areas you should be sure to cover. I feel this is a good priority list to stick by, so you aren’t sold on the small things that cheap web hosting companies are so aggressively marketing.

To begin your research in finding a cheap web hosting companies, I recommend that you look at the cheap web hosting showcase and select a minimum of 3 cheap web hosting companies. It’s also a very good idea to search our rating system to see all the reviews.

Here are some factors you should pay close attention to.

One obvious factor you should pay special attention to is the price. I do not suggest that you find the cheapest web hosting company, because the saying “you pay for what you get” definitely exists in web hosting. Speaking from experience, you may be tempted to take the cheaper route (cheap web hosting), but having frequent downtime is very unprofessional, and will result in instant credibility loss.

Technical Support:
Technical support is another issue that should be taken seriously, and ought to play a major role in your decision. Most reputable web hosts have 24/7 support via email, and phone. Unfortunately, if you have a problem with your server hardware, support will not cover this; however, a problem may likely arise with your connection, or when you are setting up your server, and a quick response is crucial.

Another vital aspect I strongly urge you to look into is your web host’s connection. You may have the best hardware for your web server, but if your web host cannot match this with a good connection to the Internet, you may experience downtime resulting in loss of business. Good cheap web hosting companies have multiple connections to the Internet, and should also facilitate the use of on-site back up equipment in case of a power failure.

You should ask the following questions:

Do you provide 24/7 web hosting technical support?

Via email, phone, etc..? This is extremely important. A good method of testing the cheap web hosting company’s level of support is to call their support line and see if you can reach someone, or to simply them send an email inquiring on a web hosting package and compare the response time to other companies.

What type of server back-up systems do you have in place?

In addition to this, you should ask what the fees for server back-ups are, and how often they are performed.

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

If you have paid a set-up fee, and end up switching hosts because you are unhappy with them, you may be out a few hundred bucks. Also, most reputable web hosts offer at least a 30-day money back guarantee incentive, and this also shows that they are confident they can provide good service.

How many connections to the Internet do you currently have running in to your facilities?

Most reputable cheap web hosting companies will have two connections running into their data center. This is fairly important, so in the case of a line getting cut you will not experience downtime.

What is the turnaround time for server setup?

While this will certainly vary with the urgency of your project, I would not recommend a host that tells you a week.

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